By Cheyenne Peat-Davis

The Poet’s Crop is a section of our journal dedicated to exploring poetry and poets in various lights. We want to look at the trends and patterns in poetry and how they meld with modern times. We also want to bring light to what’s new in poetry these days. New, less strict, styles of poetry have been emerging in recent years and we want to look at why this has happened and who may have been the trend setters for these new styles. We also intend to pick the brains of some of our featured poets about their writing processes and how they personally view poetry. By focusing on these topics, we hope to show that poetry is worth dissecting just as much as any other form of literature, and that the complexities of poetry only lend to the overall value of it. The Poet’s Crop will be your stop to learn what goes on in the poetry universe before and after writers have a final, polished piece.