By Alex Berk

I’m at Disneyland with my girlfriend, more specifically California Adventure. She holds my hand and shuffles me through the crowd as I stare wide eyed at the changed Pixar Pier; the sun beats down on us and we are heading for a frozen desert when I spot them. They’re a lesbian couple, wearing the new rainbow ears and holding hands across the table. I point them out to my girlfriend, and for a moment I feel our hearts reach out to embrace theirs. They are not the first queer couple we have seen, or even the first older lesbian couple, but these two outside Boudin Bakery are different because they have kids. And I’m not ready to get down on one knee and propose to my partner, let alone be a parent, but I have to stop for a moment for the same reason I look up dapper weddings on Pinterest, the same reason I’ll watch a movie just for ten seconds of queer content. This family is a lantern in the darkness of suicide and night club shootings, they are proof that we have a future, that growing up is not just a fairytale fantasy reserved for straight people. And although we can talk about the massive corporation that has given us rainbow ears and nothing else, this family with their rainbow ears gives us hope that our love is not just about survival.